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What Customers Say

Ink-A-Roo delivers the whole package. Their ink and toner cartridges are outstanding, their prices are amazing and their support incredible. Ink-A-Roo does more than supply cartridges. They support the whole printing and copying process.


Resort hotel, Camarillo, CA


We have used Ink-A-Roo cartridges for fourteen years. We had a printer software issue arise late one evening. We called Ink-A-Roo and they were there to help! They got us up and printing at no charge and our invoices got out on time!


Dental office, Ventura, CA


We buy left over OEM cartridges


Sometimes, supplies are left over when machines are taken out of service. Ink-A-Roo pays cash for new OEM ink and toner cartridges. If you have leftover new, genuine OEM toner or ink cartridges, we will buy them!! Instead of letting those unneeded cartridges clutter up your warehouse or sending them away, just give us a call.

Control your printing cost!


With Ink-A-Roo print management plans and printers-for-rent, you can maximize your print savings. Month-to-month and pay per-page programs are available.

Unlimited ink or toner* and free printer support are great benefits that may be included in your plan. We match the right printer to your business depending on your printing needs. Never over use a printer or pay for a larger printer than needed. Ask your Ink-A-Roo agent about your FREE PRINTER and start saving now!!

* Restrictions apply


No minimum orders - We take back left-over Ink-A-Roo cartridges for credit* - FREE machine & image diagnostics


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